We provide double reduction of your expenses on Data Processing and show your Sales Growth opportunities

300+ complete projects of processing and analyzing data for our clients : Colgate, Danone, Imperial Tobacco Limited and Group Companies, Diadgeo, ect

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                 Preliminary Data Processing                                                 Data Analysis

80% of success in data analysis –                                                Fast and precise understanding of:
is the correct preliminary data processing

  1. We begin with data import,                                                1. Your weaknesses in sales
    format unification
  2. Consolidation of the information                                      2. Your main opportunities
    from multiple sources
  3. Validation of data                                                                 3. Market monitoring
  4. Classification of features
  5. Final control                                                                           4. Rivals’ state

  Data Processing Procedure implies several simple steps:

  1. Place your inquiry on our website
  2. We build a secure warehouse based on Google for Work *) and send you login and password
  3. Place your data that has to be processed in our secure warehouse, describe the job and notify us
  4. We implement your job, upload the results into Google for Work and inform you
  5. Check the results and release the payment.
Your data is protected from unauthorised use at all processing stages.

*) The use of other protected cloud based warehouses or client’s warehouses is possible.

Payment is released AFTER the job is complete and fully accepted by the client

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